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As an educator, musician, and visionary, Daria has experienced firsthand the challenges of living authentically in a world that can push and pull us in every direction. Suffering from teacher burnout, a broken marriage and a house that was falling apart (literally and metaphorically), Daria came to understand the importance of living a life that is authentic and true to her nature, passion and purpose. Combining her creative abilities with the commanding presence of an inspired teacher, Daria uses her humour, wit, and downright honesty to teach clients how to shift our mindset and thought patterns, and use our innate gifts and callings to enhance our everyday lives and the lives of those around us. Daria focuses on the importance of the Body/Mind/Spirit connection in making and sustaining profound and life-changing shifts. Whether you’re about to retire, or about to launch, Daria can inspire, motivate, challenge and encourage you to reach for, and achieve, your true purpose and potential.

Daria Gimon

Daria Gimon

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