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I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer…

OK, maybe not a BIT…


Since I was a little girl, I always saw the beauty and goodness in everything and everyone. I was the one with the  “sunshiny” personality, optimism, and zest for life. I was the kid that just loved to be -- and spread -- happy, everywhere I went.

Like many, my childhood wasn’t exactly an episode of Leave it to Beaver, but my parents did the best they could. They immigrated to Canada from Ukraine, and like many of their peers, they put their nose to the grindstone and worked incredibly hard to carve out a decent life for our family. Life, however, can throw some nasty curveballs that we just don't see coming.


The curveballs in my family started having a negative effect on me from an early age, but I stayed resilient throughout the emotional turmoil. Somehow I developed some amazing coping strategies  .   It's a miracle really, how even through the tough times, we can find a way to bounce back. 

But somewhere down the line, I began to bounce lower. Although I excelled in many areas – academics, music, art, sports, drama – I could never truly harness my gifts and talents in a way that represented the real me. I knew I had the gifts of singing and teaching, but absolutely no clue how to use them.

Somewhere down the line, I lost myself.

By society’s standards, I was successful – a great teaching career, married, many friends – but inside I felt like a failure through and through.

Eventually, the beliefs I formed about myself caught up with me, and everything fell apart. My career no longer lit me up, resulting in massive burnout. My marriage crumbled before my eyes. And to top it off, my house foundation was caving in, forcing me to sell my home.  Everything imploded around me.

But the disintegration of “my life” became a blessing. I started asking the hard questions, like, “What am I doing this for? Why are these things happening to me?  Is this really my purpose? And why am I not stunningly happy and content like I used to be?”

Without a real identity -- a sense of who we are, what we stand for, and what our passion and purpose is -- we can get caught up in what everyone else wants us to be, and forget ourselves. We forget who we are. We lose ourselves.


So as I “woke up”, I started doing some heavy lifting. I started facing my own demons and asking myself some serious questions.  I dug deep to uncover what happened to me, where the real Daria disappeared to. By getting real, getting clear, digging deep, and working hard, I was able to break free from the limiting and false beliefs that held me back from reaching my highest potential. And along the way, I discovered a passion for helping others do just the same -- empowering you to be the best you that you can imagine, because you are here for a specific purpose.

Don't get me wrong... I still have bouts of fear, anxiety, worry. Hey, I’m human. But now I can turn it around.  I know how to recognize my triggers, my patterns, my false beliefs, and transform my thoughts, my actions, my LIFE.

Real and lasting transformation occurs in motion. New DOING leads to new BEING.

Now, I move forward boldly, with confidence, and with the excitement and enthusiasm I had as that “sunshiny” kid way back when.

I’m ready to help you do that too.

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We were created and designed to live our BEST lives.

I can’t wait to help you discover yours.


Daria’s gift is in helping her clients uncover their true selves. In just a few sessions Daria helped me see where I was blocked and gave me exercises to break through the barriers in order to further strive to a new level of personal growth and understanding.

~ Crystal Champagne, Certified Personal & Group Trainer, Montreal, QC


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