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What's the secret to true transformation?



I'm not going to lie to you. Transformation is hard work.  We humans are creatures of habit and comfort, but that's not how we grow. 


To be successful, two things are needed -- your commitment to personal growth, and a roadmap from someone who's been there.  Consistent action steps, focus, support, and accountability is what I offer. Transformation means taking a leap of faith, and being willing to move out of your comfort zone.


Sustainable coaching involves gradual release --  Remember when you learned to ride a bike, and someone held the bike until they knew you could do it on your own?  That will be me! 


Think of me as your cheerleader and guide, but at the right time, my job is to let go! Together we will identify patterns, break barriers, and get you moving in the direction you were meant to go.  I'll be your Accountability Partner every step of the way, until you fly on your own.

Do the Work: Sessions are tailored to the goals you set in your areas of focus: relationships, career, health, mindset and well-being. You're serious about doing the inner work required, using the 80/20 rule: 20% co-planning and 80% action. Homework tasks are key -- to unlearn one thing, we replace it with something new.  And we lather, rinse, and REPEAT (the secret to lasting change).


The tasks are specifically geared to YOUR profile, and are designed to positively alter and align your thought patterns and belief systems with your intentions.

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Want to go to the next level?

Optimize and accelerate your progress by adding the unique practice of drumming, a healing tool that releases inner blocks and fears through rhythm. Drumming connects the two hemispheres of the brain, moving us out of survival mode into a relaxed state of mind.  Practicing specific rhythms creates an opening for you to release negative memories, beliefs and trauma.  You become present, mindful, and focused. Drumming also leads to an increased spiritual connection. Drumming kills doubt, cultivates confidence, so you can move into action to get the results you want.

Make the choice to be the change today!


2 ways to join!

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Being a people person, I love to meet face-to-face, so if this is where your comfort zone is, we will meet at the Tin Roof, my studio location in Bowmanville. These private sessions are held weekly for an hour with follow-up work between sessions. Cost per session is $85.00, or book a set of sessions and receive a discounted price. 




The A.H.A. Program!

I'm so excited to launch my new A.H.A. Program, a transformational tool that you can access and work through at your own pace, offering the flexibility to work either on your own, or with additional support from me.  Filled with information, tools and actual activities to support you on your transformational journey.

Daria has coached me through many of my roughest moments, patiently listening and asking just the right questions to help me unravel my own knots and find the answers I’ve needed to pick myself up and move forward. She’s insightful, intuitive, unabashed and direct, with a great sense of humor to lighten up some of my tougher moments. As an empowerment coach, I simply cannot recommend her highly enough!

~Diana H., Santa Maria, California

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