What? Me Drum?

​I’ll never forget my first group drumming experience, and how good I felt, not just with others, but with myself.  People in the circle were from all walks of life – age, gender, culture, job — it didn’t matter.  What was cool was that we were all part of the same community, joined together by the common unifying pulse of the beat.  No matter what was happening in our lives, the drum brought us into the same space mentally, physically, emotionally, without saying a word. No judgment, no pressure.  The sense of connection, belonging, and well-being stayed with me for months afterwards.  My regular anxiety was virtually non-existant, which made me realize the power of group drumming.

The drum is the oldest instrument in the world and has been used for centuries in performances, rituals, communication and spiritual connection. Drumming uses the whole brain and its vibration generates new neuronal connections, increasing our intuition and promoting clear thinking. The sound of a beating drum has wide-ranging beneficial effects both physically and mentally, promoting feelings of wellness, enabling deep relaxation, easing chronic pain and boosting the immune system. 


We are all naturally rhythmic. I have yet to meet a human being who cannot keep a steady beat.  From the first sound we hear in the womb — our mother’s heartbeat — we are attuned to rhythm. It resonates with us and makes us feel connected, loved, and accepted. In fact, the Latin rhythmus means “movement in time” and Greek rhythmos “measured flow or movement."  Drumming is quite literally Change in Motion!


Drumming has long been a community building activity, whether used in ritual, song and dance, or participating in a live session provides a great sense of belonging. When we share rhythms, we open our hearts and minds to connecting both with ourselves and others.  Drumming moves us forward so we can break free from fear, anxiety and feeling self-conscious.



Group drumming is just FUN, and it's for all ages!  Group drumming brings people together in a way that no other activity can.  No words are needed, just a willingness to try something new.  Not only is it fun, but it's healthy for us!  The activities in recreational drumming bring people closer together, break communication barriers, and helps us let go of our fears, frustrations, and stress!  There is no judgment in the circle, as we are all one!

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Healing Drum Series

This is a 6-week series that focuses on physical, mental, and emotional wellness.  I will guide you on a journey of personal healing with rhythms and exercises specifically tailored to decrease stress and anxiety, promote healing, and encourage personal transformation at a cellular level.  Research indicates that consistent drumming for a minimum of 6 weeks can increase your killer T-cell count, the cells that fight cancer and boost immunity!  A great wellness program that delivers results!  A great program


Would you like your team to work together better, to be more productive, and be happier in their roles? Drumming sessions for corporate groups are a great way to increase staff motivation, productivity and efficiency and reduce stress, engaging everyone on your team in discovering their individual roles and contributions within the greater whole.

Quotes are based on number of participants, distance traveled, and rental of additional equipment.  Contact me now to get your free quote!

Daria, thank you for being a big part of my team's day... I now notice how cohesive  we really are --

We will have you back!


  ~ Cindy, BCG Group, Toronto Canada  

Daria's energy was contagious.  Our staff really felt connected and unified after drumming together.  It was so nice to see them let go, be silly and come out of their shells.  Thanks so much Daria!

  ~ Lisa, YMCA Director, Toronto Canada 

What an enjoyable and wholesome experience! It was exhilarating... at one point I was working up a sweat and doubted I could keep up but it was no problem!  There were 142 ladies and we ALL had a blast.  Thank you!

 ~ Mary, AWARE Conference, Buckhorn, Ontario


Nervous to try drumming for the first time?  Grab a bucket or tupperware container and check out my Drumming Basics video to see just how easy it is!  You'll be hooked in no time!