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CLIFFSIDE - Take the Leap

Updated: Mar 4, 2021


Sooooo…… here I am.

I’m standing at the edge. The precipice. The threshold. The proverbial cliffside. Is it proverbial? I don’t know. But it sounds damn good, doesn’t it?

I cannot tell you how much my brain has skimmed, scanned, digested, processed, fathomed, inferred, applied, studied, absorbed, perused, explored, pondered, questioned, and computed in the last three years. I have this vision right now of the top of my head coming off, like a hinged lid, and all these book titles, online articles, audios and videos being dumped into it, whilst my eyeballs roll around uncontrollably, desperately searching for a focus point.

It’s amazing how a major change or transition can shake you to your very core. Emotions surface, thoughts become intense, sometimes jumbled, sometimes painfully clear, which actually causes the buried emotions to come up in the first place. When you’re faced with the dilemma of making that final “leap” into the abyss of a new endeavor, it can sure stir up a lot of crap.

But what a great thing that is! Talk about feeling alive and on FIRE for something! Out with the old, in with the new. It’s on the one hand exhilarating, and on the other, downright terrifying. What? Trust myself? Trust God, my Higher Power? Trust that I can do this? Trust in my own abilities? WHAT???

And so it goes. When you spend enough time uncovering the REAL you, the true, authentic, “THIS-IS-ME-LOOK-OUT” version of you, it becomes incredibly difficult to be anything LESS. You can no longer stay in “that job” or “that relationship” or “that state of mind” because you just know better. And when you know better…

You’re standing cliffside.

And when you’re cliffside…


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