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In the Zone - Finding Your Calling and Purpose

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Have you ever been so “in the zone” that time seems to not exist?

Sooooo many ways this can happen.  A good conversation with an old friend.  Doing something you love so much that you don’t even realize time has passed.  Taking a step back to look in on the life you’ve created.  Standing outside the box to see what you’ve created inside the box.  Being so intensely engaged in a project that everything peripheral is non-existent.  Giving your ALL to a task — head, heart, spirit and soul — and when it’s done, it’s like you “wake up” from an incredible dream.

I know that as you read the above paragraph, your mind conjured up your own personal connections.  What were they? Because, that is who you REALLY are. Some of you were fishing.  Some of  you were painting.  Some of you were writing, dancing, speaking, singing, teaching, running, listening — whatever it was, you were in your ELEMENT.  And you didn’t want to leave.

This is your calling.  This is your purpose.  This is your GIFT.  To share it is to engage in life to the core.  To DO it is to live.

As we get older, as we mature, “reality” sets in. Bills to pay.  Mouths to feed.  Mortgages to maintain.  We forget how to play. How to create.  How to operate in our gifts and talents. But, what if we were to use our gifts and talents every day?

That is “the zone.”

I challenge every reader of this blog to find their “zone.”  You were BORN to share your gift.  In fact, I bet as you read this, your gift is staring you right in the face.  It’s calling to you.  Are you denying it?  Are you downplaying it?  Or are you visualizing and manifesting it?  Free will is a gift for ALL of us.  Are you using it to develop your own?

The world needs what you have.  The world is begging for what you have.  Are you ready?  It takes courage, sometimes audacity, to show the world your light.

It’s now, or never.  Make it now.

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