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How Can I Be of Service?

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As I sat back in my office chair, contemplating the direction of my career, my life, my desires, dreams, needs, passions, my novel…

…a thought came to me.

This isn’t even ABOUT me.

So often we get caught up in our OWN drama, in our OWN worries, fears, anxieties.  How will we make that bill payment this month?  How will I ever get out of this relationship that’s killing me?  How can I start LOVING my job?  How do I cope with his anger?  Her addiction?  Their behaviour?

Guess what?  It isn’t even ABOUT you.

I started asking this question:  How can I serve today?

Whose life can I make better just by showing up and coming from a place of love?

You know what saddens me?  It’s that we are all in the same damn boat.  And yet, we all want to row our OWN boat.  Like our ONE oar is better than a bunch of oars combined.

I don’t need your help.  I’m doing fine on my own, thanks.  I don’t need to tell you my woes, my problems, my fears, my deepest thoughts.  I can handle me just FINE on my own, thank you very much.

But when we shift our perception AWAY from ME and TOWARD someone else, suddenly, the purpose becomes pretty clear.

We’re here to serve each other.

How can you serve another today?  Does someone come to mind as you read this?  Is there someone that you know needs your help, your kind words, your loving touch, your encouragement and inspiration today?  What gifts do you possess that you could share with others?

How can I serve today?

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