Change In Motion

Where words fail... rhythm speaks.

What is Change In Motion?

True and lasting transformation - change - is a process.  There's a saying that it's a long road to overnight success, but with focus, diligence, and the right tools, transformation is more than possible -- it's inevitable.

Lasting change happens in the DOING of many small steps that evolve into a new creation.  You are literally like a work of art in the making.


But before you can DO, you have to figure out who, and where, you ARE.

That's where I come in.

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Daria is  such an open and supportive coach!  She guided and mirrored me in an empowered way that helped me see my gifts within, and that I was truly ready to share them with the world! I felt genuine love and care from her; her words brought out the confidence that was already in me, to step into my future with joy, peace and ease.  Thank you, Daria, you truly have a gift!

 ~ Trish Stephenson-Carlson, Entrepreneur, Fort Saint John, BC