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Dearly Departed…

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Tombstone in the woods

Have you ever volunteered to host your own funeral?  Cuz, I just did.

Here’s the thing…

I needed to finish grieving a few things. Ok, so a LOT of things.  I thought I had already given these events the attention they deserved, so I proceeded to “suck it up and move on,” as the world has us do.

One of the reasons people stay stuck in whatever situation they are in is that they have not allowed themselves to fully grieve, or be sad, about a loss or losses in their lives.  Loss can be many different things: a pet, a job, family members, friendships, romantic relationships, a prized possession, a house, a marriage, even a child.  All of these things equate to a loss. And since a loss can truly mean the DEATH of something, it warrants some true grieving time, regardless of the degree of pain.

With the help of my incredibly insigh